A Family Of Companies Dedicated To Optimisation Since 1997

optimse: make the best or most effective use of (a situation or resource)

About Us

"Wastage and redundancies are what plague profitable growth. They put strain the  South African economy. We noticed that they affected our clients too, both big and small. Inefficiencies are unwelcome guests. They create unnecessary costs, stress, risk and a toxic culture. They apply tremendous (often unforeseen) pressure on every facet of the business. They have to be avoidable. We must help. It consumed our team so much so that we have dedicated our entire efforts towards solution-orientated business.  Finding inefficiencies, expose them and providing the right solution to remove them quickly. It often requires a unique approach. 

Our Design and Build Solution is our flagship offering, wherein we assist companies to optimise their space quickly and without the headache of managing a professional team. We ignored the noise of standard contracting in order to identify what is best for our clients. We will make waves, but only where change is needed. If we can help our clients to optimise, we directly help them to succeed. This is what drives us. This is what we're about. There is no higher priority for us. "  Ed Protheroe - Trak Group Founder